Being vulnerable is not the same as being weak.

There are people who try to be invulnerable precisely to protect themselves, to defend themselves from being attacked in moments of weakness or simply in moments that show we are not infallible. It seems a very logical position since vulnerability is the ability to be physically or morally injured. However, it doesn’t work that way. And this case, I do not think it is any different. 

Someone who is not vulnerable to any circumstance seems to us non-human, distant, far from us. It is as if the armour used to protect yourself prevents other people from seeing the person behind you. However, if the person shows his vulnerability, people identify with him as it shows his human side. This vulnerability creates empathy, creates intangible bridges of connection between people.

Being vulnerable is not the same as being weak, it is simply admitting that we are human. Moreover, I believe that admitting our vulnerability is an act of strength, of character and courage.


  • Artistic Direction, creation and performance: Roberto Olivan
  • Music composition: Ramon Balagué
  • Dramaturgy advisor: Marianne Van Kerkhoven
  • Lighting design: Robbie Boi, Marc Olivé and Roberto Olivan
  • Set, costume design, soundscapes and video: Marc Olivé and Roberto Olivan
  • Production assistance and technical direction: Robbie Boi



  • 16/03 Teatre El Magatzem (Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain)


  • 20/12 KVS/de bottelarij (Brussels, Belgium)
  • 12/09 Skin Shakers Festival – Purcell Room (London, United Kingdom)
  • 11/09 Skin Shakers Festival – Purcell Room (London, United Kingdom)


  • 30/11 ccBe – Cultuurcentrum Berchem (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • 29/11 ccBe – Cultuurcentrum Berchem (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • 07/11 Biekorf (Bruges, Belgium)
  • 06/11 Biekorf (Bruges, Belgium)
  • 05/11 Biekorf (Bruges, Belgium)
  • 02/11 Biekorf (Bruges, Belgium)
  • 01/11 Biekorf (Bruges, Belgium)
  • 19/10 Biekorf (Bruges, Belgium)
  • 18/10 Biekorf (Bruges, Belgium)