Instinct as a source of movement

Roberto Olivan understands movement from physicality, taking anatomic comprehension, sensitivity and technique impulsed by the body-kinetic intelligence as departure points. The aim is to develop personal confidence to connect emotions and internal sensations to movement in a given context. 

The workshop Instinct as a source of movement is particularly focused in generating material from our animal instinct and our own creativity. To move efficiently becomes a key factor, just like breath perception and visualisation of the energy freed by movement. This perceptual and sensory consciousness unites mind with physical structure and relates them to the spatial energies towards oneself and the others. In this sense, the body is transformed into a projection tool of physical and emotional flow. The strength that comes from mental images as lines and structures both out and inside of us, help us understand the body’s functionality. 

Understanding the need for conventional technique and the fact that exclusively using them can provoke a lack of freedom in the movement and in the interpreters themselves, Olivan is constantly searching for the freedom that can create new forms, a language characterised by the link between speed and precision.