Six people of our times represent on stage the voice of our society. A society that needs to be reminded that respect, coexistence and tolerance are the basis of our survival.​

«A performance pleasure delights audiences» by Ora Brafman (The Jerusalem Post 01/14/2007): 

“An element of social consciousness has been present in most of the Vertigo Dance Company’s works over the past 14 years, and Sunny Side Up, the troupe’s latest production, is no exception, though it may initially appear little more than a carefree dance piece.

Vertigo, a Jerusalem-based contemporary dance company founded by Adi Sha’al and Noa Wertheimer, has always been open to collaborating with guests, and Sunny Side Up includes the work of the promising young Spanish choreographer Roberto Olivan.

Olivan’s approach to dance is tailor-made for Vertigo, combining plenty of energy, fluidity of movement and naturalistic expression. All six members of the Sunny Side Up ensemble seemed at ease throughout the piece. But while watching them jump, roll, skip and fall into daring lifts was a pleasure, the real delight of the piece was sensing how the dancers genuinely enjoyed the movement and energy of the performance. Sunny Side Up saw them move from a serious, dynamic dance encounter into a singing quartet that managed to perform a rather juvenile song with charm – the dancers were just having too much fun for the audience not to enjoy the make-shift music. The unexpected singing meshed well with the work’s unpretentiousness and simple – but certainly not simplistic – human messages. The dancers completely won me over in Sunny Side Up’s final scene, with each performer displaying a series of family photos on a white stand. The piece’s lovely, lively message came through to the audience loud and clear.”

Vertigo Dance Company ‘Sunny Side Up’ @ Suzanne Dellal Center (Israel)


  • Artistic Direction and choreography: Roberto Olivan
  • Creation and performers: Rina Wertheim, Carmi Zisapel, Meytal Blanaru, Yaron Shamir, Nimrod Chirurg and Elad Shechter
  • Music: The Apples: Ofer Tal: turntables, and Shai Ran: double bass
  • Lighting design: Dani Fishof – Magenta
  • Costume design: Shira Wise
  • Sunny Side Up is a cultural co-production between Spain, Belgium and Israel.