Let’s say that each individual has a sort of ‘engine’, a kind of internal voice that acts like a compass, marking the itinerary of our own life with sincerity. Often people tend to opt to switch off this voice and decide to follow the rational way, the ‘logical common sense process’.

Mermaid’s Call is an ode to the instinct and to the emotions related with this magnetism that drags us towards the purest and personal desires that we all have within us. The characters of this show listen their own mermaid’s melody and convert this voice into their main meaning of existence.

Is that calling what really gives us the inspiration to go on in life?


  • Artistic Direction: Roberto Olivan.
  • Creation and performers: Konstandina Efthimiadou, Erika Bettin, Daniele Sorisi, Péter Juhász and Roberto Olivan.
  • Music composition and performance: Laurent Delforge and Imma “La Carbonera”.
  • Lighting design: Kiko Planas.
  • Costume design: Isabelle Lhoas and Frederick Denis.



  • 25/04 Teatre Municipal (Girona, Catalonia, Spain).
  • 24/04 Teatre L’Estruch (Sabadell, Catalonia, Spain).
  • 08/04 Festival Dansat! – SAT! – Sant Andreu Teatre (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain).
  • 13/03 Teatre Principal d’Olot (Olot, Catalonia, Spain).
  • 12/03 Teatre Municipal de l’Escorxador (Lleida, Catalonia, Spain).


  • 17/10 Teatre Bartrina (Reus, Catalonia, Spain).