In this show, Roberto Olivan reflects on the richness of diversity and the dualism between depth and superficiality, bringing to the stage dancers with very diverse personalities who are a reflection of social plurality.

A dancer with gypsy roots, a dancer with achondroplasia, a performer who is just starting her professional career and himself, with all his background, career and age. A selection of performers far removed from conventional canons, which proposes to reflect on inner truths, everyday normalities and the gold – the light – that we all carry within.

GOLD invites coexistence and tolerance in a space in which the individual accepts the challenges and obstacles of life, because beauty is also part of fragility. The true beauty is not in the superficiality, but in the unequal, authentic and genuine that we sometimes try to camouflage and avoid exposing.

One of the unprecedented features of this creation by Olivan is that it is aimed at all audiences, including a young audience with the desire to show that we are all sensitive and fragile, but also strong, proud and with a spirit of self-improvement.


  • Concept, creation, direction and choreography: Roberto Olivan.
  • Performers: Encarni Sánchez Mesa, Ilies Benyahya-Ounich, María Arronis and  Roberto Olivan.
  • Creation and music direction: Riccardo Nova.
  • Music interpretation (live): Icarus vs Muzak ensemble Bouzouki. 
  • Guitars: Giorgio Genta.
  • Percussion: Marco Lazzaretti, Francesco Pedrazzini and  Matteo Rovatti.
  • Dramaturgy consultant: Encarni Sánchez Mesa. 
  • Text: Susy Shock.
  • Lighting design: Sylvia Kuchinow. 
  • Technical coordinator: Oriol Ibañez. 
  • Lighting technician: Jordi Fusté.
  • Sound technician: Simone Copellini.
  • Scenography: ROPA / Roberto Olivan Performing Arts.
  • Costume and attrezzo: Andrej Mikulasek and  DH Company. 
  • Photography: Jesús Robisco y Ernest Sesé.
  • Video: Akash Dixit (Urban Fakir Films). 
  • Press and communications: Bluverd Comunicació.
  • Production and management: ROPA / Roberto Olivan Performing Arts. 
  • Co-production: Mercat de les Flors (Spain), ICEC/Departamento de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Spain), L’OBRADOR Espacio de Creación (Spain) and  Icarus Ensemble (Italy). 
  • Supported by: Regione Emília-Romagna, ATER Fondazione, Editore Casa Ricordi (Milà), Istituto Italià di Cultura di Barcellona and  Auditori Felip Pedrell – Ajuntament de Tortosa.
  • Thanks to: Josep Pinyol, Greta Díaz, Joan Guijarro, Nerea Aguilar, Joaquín Noguero, Oscar Bermejo, Joan Xancó, Sol Picó and Rocio Gisbert.



30/03 Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona, Catalonia).
1,2 y 3/04 Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona, Catalonia).
16/10 Auditori Felip Pedrell (Tortosa, Catalonia).
18/12 Teatre L’Ateneu (Celrà, Catalonia)


2/04 Egia Kultur Etxea (Donostia, Spain)
5/05 Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
11/07 Festival Deltebre Dansa (Deltebre, Catalonia)
29/09 Auditori Municipal d’Amposta (Amposta, Catalonia)
30/09 Auditori Municipal d’Amposta (Amposta, Catalonia)