The concept behind this title is metaphorically a composition of individual notes forming a complex, unique and complete melody. A universal melody composed from physical structures, emotional passages, stories and memories, desires and dreams, sometimes impossibilities that end up being possible, all experienced by the person behind the character that is exposed on stage. Thus, there will always be a certain amount of reality in their scenic actions that corresponds to a parallel daily life.

The current performing arts quite faithfully reflect on the interrelation between people and lifestyles of the moment in which we live. Circus, dance, music, theatre… all feed each other creating a new form.


  • Artistic Direction and choreography: Roberto Olivan
  • Direction assistance: Michelle Man
  • Performers: Isis Clegg-Vinell: hand to hand (United Kingdom), Katharina Kaudelka: hand to hand (Austria), Nathan Price: hand to hand (United Kingdom), Pablo Monedero ‘Otto’: hand to hand (Spain), Hannah Cryle: double trapeze (Australia), Caroline Walsh: double trapeze (Australia), Sonia Massou: verticals (France), Balthsar Moos: Chinese pole (Germany), Klara Mossberg: tightwire (Sweden), Alexis Rouvre: rope manipulation (France), Alexandra Royer: aerial ring (Canada), Julia Sánchez Aja: vertical rope (Mexico) and Thomas Saulgrain: acrobatics (France)
  • Music composition and performance: Laurent Delforge
  • Lighting design: Juan Carlos Menor
  • Rigger: Quim Torner
  • Rigger assistance:  Stefano Fabris and Sabrina Catalán
  • CRECE project direction: Javier Jiménez
  • Escuela de Circo Carampa direction: Donald B. Lehn
  • Production: Escuela de Circo Carampa (Madrid, Spain) and Teatro Circo Price (Madrid, Spain)
  • Production manager: Marisa Agostini Jaén
  • Executive production: Óscar Ortiz de Zárate
  • Administrative manager: David León
  • Acknowledgements to: Comisaría General de Extranjería y Fronteras (Spain), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (Madrid, Spain), Consulate of Spain in Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia), Spanish Embassy in Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico), Office for Foreigners and Immigrant in the Government Delegation in the Community of Madrid (Madrid, Spain). And very especially to Luis Haro and Aitana Agostini Jiménez.