On their twentieth birthday, Companhia Instável and Drumming GP, directed by Miquel Bernat, challenge the award-winning choreographer Roberto Olivan to create a bold performance for 6 dancers and 6 percussionists. A performance of interaction between percussion and dance, with music by the New Yorker composer Michael Gordon.

TIMBER is a journey to the depths of our existence, a visit to each of the corners we have systematically stopped visiting because of fear, ignorance or abandonment of ourselves, thus disconnecting ourselves from what unites to our own unique and authentic nature.

TIMBER is a ritual call that demands an urgent response to the self-destruction we have slowly built over the years. The premises and values that we have considered valid indicators of progress are worth nothing. The rhythms that resonate in the woods repetitively creating a hypnotic trance symbolizes the desire to break through the barriers that limit the human being, diving into the freedom each one sees in his own way, waving his own flag.

TIMBER is a final attempt to recover our connection with a living world that has its own dynamics governed by light and darkness, day and night, by the time that has its own rhythm beyond our control. To accept or to die. To enter or to exit. To integrate or to divide.


  • Direction: Roberto Olivan
  • Rehearsal Director: Cátia Esteves
  • Creation and Interpretation: Ilan Gratini, Joana Couto, Lara Serpi, Liliana Oliveira, Ricardo Machado, Ho lok Yee (intern interpreter), Mariana Pereira (intern).
  • Music: Michael Gordon
  • Musical Direction: Miquel Bernat
  • Lightning Design: Ricardo Alves
  • Costumes: Pedro Azevedo
  • Musical Interpretation: Drumming Grupo de Percussão (André Dias, Daniel Araújo, João
    Miguel Simões, Jorge Pereira, Miquel Bernat, Pedro Góis).
  • Sound Tecnition: Suse Ribeiro
  • Production: Companhia Instável
  • Executive Production: Rita Santos
  • Coproduction: Theatro Circo
  • Support: Mostra Espanha 2019, Embaixada de Espanha em Lisboa, I-Portunus

Companhia Instável is a stucture funded by the Government of Portugal – Ministry of Culture / Direção Geral das Artes, by the GDA Foundation, and resident at Campo Alegre Municipal Theater, under the program “Teatro em Campo aberto”.



8/11 Theatro Circo (Braga, Portugal)


29/4 Auditório Municipal do Seixal (Seixal, Portugal)