Who is this woman? The libretto leads us into a search for the woman behind the image. We constantly move between two worlds: dream and reality, the world of the abstract, static image and that of the living – singing woman.

The Reclining Woman is an ode to women, inspired by the sculptures of Henry Moore. It sings of a woman’s life, her typical characteristics as the female physicality, sexuality and motherhood. The woman is on all sides examined from the perspectives of different artists, poets and writers. Kruisselbrink was struck by the dignity of Moore’s female figures. Although some because of the abstraction can hardly be recognizable as a woman, speaking from his images an undeniable fascination with the female body.


  • Music and libretto: Astrid Kruisselbrink
  • Artistic Direction and choreography: Roberto Olivan
  • Performers: Marijje van Straalen: soprano, Bauwien van der Meer: soprano, Gerrie de Vries: mezzo-soprano, Nieuw Amsterdams Peil: ensemble
  • Lighting design: Jurjen Alkema
  • Set design: PéPé Grégoire