Nomination to Lunas del Auditorio Award 2015 (México)


In Telegrama a los ángeles we have it all: features, scars, pasts, joys, imperfections, obsessions, parties and dreams of an eclectic ensemble that have explored the roots of their creative beings until they reached a clear reality that took them to challenge their own physical and emotional limitations. The tendency of human beings is often to go to a safe place to protect themselves from painful situations. And it is there where the fear settles down and where unconsciously the opportunity to explore something different is lost.

It is a performance full of risks, humanity and questions, many of which each individual answers as if it was a confession to the unknown, whatever the intangible being to whom the message is addressed.

Telegrama a los ángeles is the title of the choreographic premiere by Lourdes Luna and Roberto Olivan with the participation of performers from CEPRODAC – Centro de Producción de Danza Contemporánea and INBA – Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (Mexico).


  • Artistic direction: Lourdes Luna, Roberto Olivan
  • Direction assistance: Alberto Hiromot
  • Performers: Sergio Anselmo Orozco, Tzitzi Benavides, José Ramón Corral, Paulina del Carmen Fernández, Irvin Guerrero, Juan Madero, Luis Ortega, Gersaín Piñón, Irasema Sánchez and Alex Villalba