Represensitive People contributes to the idea of a change of perspective: that idea of observing and giving importance to the particular and very personal sensitivity of each individual we see on stage. These individuals are representing themselves, but they could represent any of us as well.

So, in this way, the performance seeks to get the empathy of the public with the details or aspects of what it is presented on stage by being just nearby, simple, different, funny at times, deep, true. At the very end, people are representative of the most private real emotions, the only ones we truly have.


  • Choreography: Roberto Olivan
  • Performers: Oscar Sánchez, Ulises Rangel, Verónica Sotomayor and Mónica López/Yomara Llanes
  • Music composition: Javier Álvarez
  • Lighting design: Lourdes Luna


  • Concept, creation and artistic direction: Lourdes Luna