Creation for BODHI PROJECT Company, postgraduated contemporary company in residence at SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (Salzburg, Austria).

Only Real When Shared is a show created out of the deep research on some aspects of the personality of the performers on stage. Those bits of their essence are pulled out of their own personal experience. These bits are artistically modified in order to have somehow always something of reality in their performance. Nevertheless, the feelings and emotions expressed are exposed in a way that both as an individual or as part of a group can be recognized in anyone’s own experience. In this way the performance acts like a mirror on the memories and sensations of the viewer, reflecting in the performers and what they can recognise in themselves.

Only then, we can approach the sensitivity of the audience, one by one, sharing tiny little sketches of real life. And by doing this, we get closer to a dialogue soul to soul, performer to viewer, with honesty and vulnerability, showing the personal universe they see through their own eyes.


  • Choreography: Roberto Olivan
  • Dancers: Anne-Laure Dogot, Ariadna Gironès Mata, Camille Mariage, Evmorfia Stylianidou, Špela Vodeb
  • Music: Malicorne ‘Le Luneux’, Jacques Brel ‘Ne me qui tte pas’, Gavin Bryars ‘Jesus’ blood never failed me yet’, Lopez Lopez ‘Estudio para la modulacion metrica’