Intangible Bridges leads the viewer into the private micro-universes of the performers, in which their personal and professional experiences interlace and their ambitions meet obstacles. Fragments of their life stories are connected by intangible threads that are not always aware of, but these threads inexplicably determine their course of action. These threads, these intangible bridges, help us realise that despite our differences we all need each other in order to be ourselves again.

Dance material has been created mostly by performers themselves, with a clear intention from the very beginning: to test their physical and emotional limits in order to create a unique form of visual poetry – the poetry that is the result of their own experience. Using non-verbal theatre and the language of contemporary dance, Intangible Bridges is a puzzle that reveals interrelations and ties between six stories and six different personalities.


  • Concept and choreography: Roberto Olivan
  • Creation and performers: Petra Chelfi, Martina Nevistić, Petra Valentić, Nika Lilek, Andreja Jandrić and Adrian Pezdirc
  • Music: Nenad Kovačić
  • Additional music: López López (Estudio II sobre la Modulación Métrica) and A Filetta (‘E loche’, ‘A paghjella di l’impiccati’, Intantu)
  • Sound technician: Kruno Miljan
  • Dance coach: Ognjen Vučinić
  • Lighting design: Saša Fistrić
  • Lighting technician: Saša Bogojević and Marinko Maričić
  • Costume design: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin
  • Photography: Jelena Janković
  • Graphic design: Vladimir Končar
  • Translation: Mirna Čubranić
  • Zagreb Dance Company direction: Petra Glad
  • Production: Zagreb Dance Company (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Co-production: Zagreb Youth Theatre (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • With the support of: Zagreb City Office for Culture, Education and Sport (Zagreb, Croatia) and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia (Croatia)
  • Acknowledgements: Rona Žulj and Katarina Pejović