Who has not had trouble to make ends meet? Who feels the need to lead the way to carry out the family responsibilities? How many times have we wanted to say things well, but suddenly, we did not have the voice to do so? How many times have we felt misunderstood? Who has not felt ever as a fighter against the routine of everyday life? Who has not had the necessity of having the support when you are exhausted and you cannot go on? How many times we would have wanted to hear the words ‘do not worry, I am in charge of it’? How many times have we wished for society to act more responsibly and sensibly? How many times have we had the feeling of being a hero to face it all?

El viaje del héroe (the hero’s journey) is inspired by all those normal people that work hard and make an effort in order to achieve their objectives in a dignified manner in a common social life. Whatever our status is, economic or intellectual, and whatever the place where we live, we all have our own personal reality in which it is difficult to avoid confrontation and conflict with our environment. The image of the hero that we used to imagine, that invincible person that can cope with everything, turns now into those people that we see walking in the streets, at work, in our home. It is a heroic result to end one more day with the feeling of having achieved our duties. It is an achievement carried out by all those daily champions, each one of them in their personal and non-transferable journey of which, after all, we can be very proud.


  • Artistic Direction and choreography: Roberto Olivan
  • Performers: Elsy Gómez, Guadalupe Gómez, Adriana Amaya, Marié Campos, Sofía Barrios, Teresa Cornejo, Fernanda Valladares, Byron Nájera, Álvaro Martínez, David Alfaro, Nelson Guzmá and Alejandro Ponce
  • Lighting design: Franklin Interiano
  • Costume design: Guadalupe Gómez


  • Direction and artistic direction: Byron Nájera
  • Direction assistance: Elsy Gómez
  • Choreographers: Byron Nájera and Eduardo Rogel
  • Administrator: Daysi Castro
  • Production and staging technician: German Chávez
  • Dresser: Guadalupe Gómez
  • Photography: Miguel Servellón
  • Communications: Nelly Alvarado
  • Classical ballet director: Eduardo Rogel
  • Rehearsal director: Elsy Gómez
  • Contemporary dance director: Byron Nájera
  • Performers: Guadalupe Gómez, Adriana Amaya, Marié Campos, Sofía Barrios, Teresa Cornejo, Fernanda Valladares, David Alfaro, Nelson Guzmán, Álvaro Martínez and Alejandro Ponce
  • Acknowledgements to: Miguel Servellón, Federico Krill, Fernando Fajardo, René Figueroa & Augusto Crespín, SECULTURA communications and technical and administrative staff from the Teatro Nacional de San Salvador, Mónica Mejía, Sandra Hernández, Alejandro Crespín and César Crespín


  • Secretary of Culture: Ramón Rivas
  • National Director of Arts: Augusto Crespín