Creation by Roberto Olivan for the students of SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (Austria) in December 2010.

Choreography is present everywhere we look. Daily routine actions pass unnoticed in front of our eyes often. And so their value and potential.

In this occasion I propose to start from the scratch with/from apparently random situations, actions and movements from the performers in order to stage them, providing another layer of attention, interest and importance. The performers are consciously submitted under certain tasks provoking some creative results. But a final precise selection of those artistic reactions from the performers will configure the colour of the performance. It will all depend on what will be the subject and what sort of situations come out from this process. 

The result will be a sort of puzzle of events which reveals aspects of the personalities of those performers. Events based on bits of their own personal memories, desires and emotions wrapped with a certain dose of fantasy altogether.


  • Choreography: Roberto Olivan
  • Performers: 2010’s students of SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (Salzburg, Austria)