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Indispensable in our modern world, plastic encircles us. It is so omnipresent that we do not even perceive it. This invasion is not free of consequences for our planet. Lifeless and hardly degradable, plastic has changed significantly the morphology of our ecosystems. It is everywhere, it contaminates and it will probably remain as a geographical mark, like a characteristic fossil of the Anthropocene.

In different measures, we are all responsible. We are actively involved in the ‘plastification’ of the world. We are children of the plastic age. But is it still possible to go back? Is men to provoke the ‘sixth extinction’? Could we survive in a completely polymerised world?

‘The performance tells the story of two women, locked up inside a world of plastic. Victims of the irreversible damage caused by an overconsumption society, they face insurmountable problems that compel them to make tragic decisions. Plastic creates a womb that transforms space into bodies, forcing them to confront indignation, disgust and anger. This decay condemns them to destruction, as a chaos before the birth of a new age’.

Artistic direction: Vanessa Pahud, Tania Simili,  Sarah Simili, David Glassey
Performers: Vanessa Pahud, Tania Simili
Administration and production direction: Sarah Simili
Artistic collaboration: Stefan Hort, Roman Müller
Choreography coach: Fabio Nicolini, Roberto Olivan
Musical composition: Sarah Simili
Costume design: Patty Eggerickx
Lighting design: Philippe Deutsch
Photography and video: La Lune Urbaine Productions
Co-production: Théâtre Les Halles (Sierre, Switzerland), FLIC Scuola di Circo (Turin, Italy), La Coupole (Combs-la-VIlle, France)
With the support of: Office for Culture in l’Etat du Valais (Switzerland), Office for Culture in Ville de Sierre (Switzerland), Loterie Romande, Fondation Engelberts pour les arts et la culture (Switzerland), Fondation Ernst Göhner (Switzerland)


  • 22/01 Théâtre Les Halles (Sierre, Switzerland)
  • 21/01 Théâtre Les Halles (Sierre, Switzerland)
  • 20/01 Théâtre Les Halles (Sierre, Switzerland)
  • 19/01 Théâtre Les Halles (Sierre, Switzerland)
  • 15/01 Théâtre Les Halles (Sierre, Switzerland)
  • 14/01 Théâtre Les Halles (Sierre, Switzerland)
  • 13/01 Théâtre Les Halles (Sierre, Switzerland)
  • 12/01 Théâtre Les Halles (Sierre, Switzerland)

Courant d’Cirque (Switzerland)

Prix d’encouragement de l’Etat du Valais (Switzerland)

60 min

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